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About Mandy Schendel

Mandy Schendel has gone through more challenges and achieved greater success than most have received in their lifetime. This woman of substance uses her clever humor and array of experiences to turn an average event into a smash hit.  A motivational speaker, author, actress and beauty expert, Mandy shares a wealth of interpersonal skills to help people of all ages find and vigorously follow their dreams. She delivers world-class excellence to any situation.

Published Author

Mandy's book, "Do Something!" is available in paperback and eBook form through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and she can be found at a store near you during her book signing tour. (Dates and locations to follow.) Her book provides insights into how she came through the many challenges of developing a nonprofit company, her pageantry experiences that led her to the Top 10 on the Miss America stage, and she also shares some hilarious and heartbreaking stories while working as a full-time actress for Disney.

This book is recommended for middle school students and older.

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Motivational Speaker

At the age of 11, Mandy started a nonprofit company, The Difference Maker Organization. Today this presidential-awarded company has become a nationwide nonprofit organization with youth volunteers all across the U.S. and in several countries. The Mission of her company is to assist children and teens to become leaders through volunteer service. Mandy has a wide range of topics she speaks on, such as leadership, mentorship, parenting future leaders, human trafficking, pageant and modeling expertise, inner and outer beauty workshops, education and making healthy choices. Schedule Mandy for your next event HERE.

Beauty & Fitness Expert

Over the years, Mandy has learned from the best in the industry whom have delivered the best-kept secret beauty techniques, tips and tricks to Hollywood's elite. Mandy is an expert who can help you find your best look in the area of fashion, skin care, make-up and that ideal overall look for you. Whether you are attending a special ball, television event, need a consultation for your next pageant, or simply need a makeover, Mandy can set you up with the best in the industry to make you the best you.  When it comes to getting your body "swimsuit" ready, who better to get you pageant or model ready than a Miss America Swimsuit Award winner? In addition to making the Top 10, Mandy won the Preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness Award while competing for Miss America in January 2013. She knows what it takes to get you to your goal and she can provide you with the industry's winning experts to get you there. Rates vary based on individual needs. Contact Mandy HERE

Host and Emcee

Mandy has been a premier emcee and host for all types of event. With her wide array of experience, it allows her the flexibility to easily handle your personalized needs. Whether your event is small or on a national-level scale, she has handled every size to keep the audience intrigued while maintaining the integrity of the time allotted. If you want someone who can make each person feel they are the V.I.P. in the room, she's the host for you. Contact Mandy HERE.

Actress and Model

Mandy is available for acting and modeling jobs as well. She is currently featured in a Microsoft/Intel commercial (nationally), a northwest fitness center commercial, has worked promotional events for Coke Company, Hawaiian Tropic, and worked full-time as a Disney Character performer.
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Mandy's Non-Profit Company:

Please consider donating to The Difference Maker Organization!
You will be helping children and teens become the leaders of tomorrow.
All donations are handled through Network for Good, the watchdog for legitimate nonprofit companies.
The Difference Maker Organization IRS designated EIN # 30-0464436